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Conservative Economists Support Immigration Reform

Conservative Economists Support Immigration Reform

Support for immigration reform was bolstered in an open letter to Congressional leadership from over 110 Conservative economists released May 23, 2013. That letter spear headed by American Action Forum President Douglas Holtz-Eakin, puts forth the economic and budgetary benefits that would come from comprehensive immigration legislation. According the "Who's Who" list of conservative economists:

"Immigration reform is an opportunity to improve the Nation's security, address domestic safety and crime, and remove legal clouds from employers and undocumented residents alike. As well, it is an opportunity to improve the long-term prospects for economic growth, enhance the skills of the U.S. labor force, and augment the flexibility of the Nation's labor market.

"Immigration reform's positive impact on population growth, labor force growth, housing, and other markets will lead to more rapid economic growth. This, in turn, translates into a positive impact on the federal budget. According to the Congressional Budget Office an additional 0.1 percent in average economic growth will, over a ten-year period, reduce the federal deficit by over $300 billion.

"We urge you to pass a broad-based immigration reform bill that includes a U.S. visa system more attuned to economic policy objectives. We believe a reformed and efficient immigration system can promote economic growth and ease the challenge of reforming unsustainable federal health and retirement programs."

While it is unlikely that letters like this may actually change the minds of ideologues, such letters do help provide some comfort for those politicians who are more policy oriented. For more information, visit Miley & Brown, P.C.

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