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Waiting on Immigration Reform Legislation?

Waiting on Immigration Reform Legislation? Don't!

Waiting on a new immigration law or Comprehensive Immigration Reform can be a really bad plan. Recently, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted a comprehensive immigration reform bill to move it out of committee to the full Senate for consideration. If this bill becomes law, it would significantly change U.S. immigration policy. However, this is only the first step in a lengthy and difficult legislative process.

Even though you may want to wait for a new law to consult with an immigration attorney at Miley & Brown, this is NOT a good idea. Why? Because there may be something that we can do for you under existing law. It is always worth consulting with an immigration attorney at Miley & Brown, P.C. to discuss potential immigration options for you or your loved one.

Please do not rely on friends, family or "notaries" for advice about immigration law. They are not trained or truly knowledgeable in immigration and nationality law.

Also, you may have an impact on the outcome of the pending legislation by contacting Congress directly. We and the American Immigration Lawyers Association have made this VERY convenient and easy for you. Please go to the Miley & Brown, P.C. website at and then "click on" the CONTACT CONGRESS icon. Contacting your Senators and Representatives to express your concerns about immigration law have never been easier.

We will not have a new immigration law until AFTER the U.S. Senate AND the U.S. House of Representatives have each agreed upon immigration legislation AND AFTER the two bills have been reconciled (amended to agree with each other) AND AFTER the single bill has been signed by the President. Below is more detail about the process if you are interested, but the BOTTOM LINE is: just because a bill is introduced into Congress, just because the US Senate and/or the US House of Representatives passes the bill, WE DO NOT HAVE A NEW LAW UNTIL THE PRESIDENT SIGNS THE BILL INTO LAW.

Waiting on new immigration laws may have an adverse impact upon you. Please be proactive and visit our web site to contact Congress or to contact us.

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