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Is Immigration Reform Still Possible?

Immigration Reform may still be possible. It is a long shot. But it is possible. Following the Government shutdown and debt ceiling debacle, President Obama announced that he wants to move forward on immigration reform, a budget, and a farm bill. The key question is whether the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives can find a way forward.

Despite the position of Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) (that Republicans should refuse to enter into negotiations on immigration because the President is trying to destroy the Republican Party), there is a way forward. Many of the influential Republican Representatives believe that they need to pass "something" to reform immigration law that will show that they have an interest in fixing our immigration mess. They just have a difficult time stepping forward to propose that step. Why? Because they fear a primary run against them in their home districts if they do.

There is broad support across the country for comprehensive reform. And, it is almost certain that if a comprehensive bill such as S.744 passed by the Senate were to go to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote that it would pass. However, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has promised his caucus that he will not allow that to happen. As a result, the House is being allowed to move immigration along piecemeal.

So, how to move forward? If one or more or the piecemeal bills is sufficiently attractive to the Republican caucus such that it has the support of the majority of the caucus, that bill could be voted on and passed. The move forward would then be dependent upon the willingness of the House to enter into conference negotiations with the Senate where all of the issues would be on the table. To do this, the Republican caucus will need to see that such reform is in their best interest.

You can do your part by visiting Miley & Brown, P.C. at and selecting "Contact Congress" to tell your Representative that you support an immigration reform bill that will bring our immigration system into the 21st century by legalizing millions of aspiring immigrants and creating jobs for U.S. workers. Also, if you have any questions regarding immigration and nationality law, you may contact one of our Dallas based attorneys at the same web site.

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