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Representative Luis Gutiérrez: Immigration Reform Still Possible

Pushing for comprehensive immigration reform, U.S. Representative Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.) spoke out at the Camino Americano Rally and March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect on the National Mall calling on Congress, and particularly Republican leaders to allow immigration legislation to move forward, get a vote, and be signed into law. Congressman Gutiérrez said: "Today we sacrifice our freedom to win freedom for those who have none." "We are here to demand that Speaker Boehner and the Republican Leadership give us a vote on immigration reform."

We applaud Congressman Gutiérrez and his civil disobedience today (for which he was arrested). Since the election in November, the United States had deported more than 400,000 people creating an enormous burden on families, communities, and peace of mind. It is important that we all join Representative Gutiérrez and other courageous people like him to turn up the heat on Congress. Even in these dark times of Government shut down and potential default on our debt, it is important to keep pushing for the immigration reform that will help America and out economy. Representative Gutiérrez believes there are 45 to 50 Republicans who are ready to vote for comprehensive immigration reform. When added to the 180 to 200 Democrats who will do the same, it seems to make the reform an easy thing to do if Speaker Boehner will allow the bill to come to the floor for a vote.

You can do your part by visiting Miley & Brown, P.C. at and selecting "Contact Congress" to tell your Representative that you support an immigration reform bill that will bring our immigration system into the 21st century by legalizing millions of aspiring immigrants and creating jobs for U.S. workers. Also, if you have any questions regarding immigration and nationality law, you may contact one of our Dallas based attorneys at the same web site.

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