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SAFE Act Immigration Bill is a goes in the wrong direction

The SAFE Act (Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement Act) is an immigration bill that takes America in the wrong direction. In an October 9th letter to Speaker Boehner (R-OH) and Minority Leader Pelosi (D-CA), the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) joined more than 100 other organizations in calling on the Speaker to NOT allow the SAFE Act, H.R. 2278, to be brought up for a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives.

We oppose the SAFE Act on its own or as a part of any other legislation. It is an inherently bad idea and unprecedented for the Federal Government to abdicate immigration enforcement to the law enforcement officers in fifty different states and thousands of local communities. It is an extraordinarily bad idea to criminalize the mere act of being undocumented in the United States. Such a law is simply mean spirited.

This misguided policy is likely to lead to racial profiling and would increase distrust between immigrant communities and law enforcement and seriously undermine the safety of all our communities. This bill would also require DHS to acquire new detention facilities at taxpayer expense in which to house the newly criminalized population without the possibility of seeing a judge to determine if something other than incarceration would be appropriate. This only serves the interests of the private prison corporations and seriously undermines due process in the United States.

The current bipartisan effort to achieve common-sense immigration reform should focus on the basic American principles of preserving family unity, opposing wasteful spending, and protecting fundamental human rights that we guarantee for every individual.

Please encourage the House of Representatives to keep their focus on comprehensive, common sense, immigration reform. It is easy to contact your Congressional Representative. Simply visit Miley & Brown, P.C. at and select the "Contact Congress" tab. Tell your Representative that you oppose the SAFE Act (H.R. 2278) and that you support a reform bill that is humane, fiscally responsible, and in line with American principles of due process and fairness. Please also feel free to contact one of our Dallas based immigration attorneys while on our website.

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