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Immigration Reform - Super Hot

Immigration Reform becomes "Super Hot". "No Republican Is Safe" without action in 2014, say immigration advocates. Wow! Senator Charles E. Schumer (D. NY) believes that a legislative maneuver known as a "discharge petition" may be a solution to overcome the extreme right wing of the Republican party in an effort to pass immigration legislation. Such a measure would allow the supporters of overhauling our immigration laws to circumvent the Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives by bringing legislation directly to the floor for an up or down vote, thereby bypassing the regular committee process. This is a fairly rare legislative tactic.

Mr. Schumer accused the Republicans in the House of "trying to sweep this issue under the rug". Although very well respected, this measure brought by Mr. Schumer is not likely to succeed because it would need the support of all House Democrats and more than a dozen Republicans. If, however, the discharge petition were successful, it would mean that the comprehensive Senate bill (S744) could come to the floor of the house for a vote. And, I believe that the bill could pass with a majority of the House (although a minority of Republicans would vote for it). This would be democracy as it was conceived by the founders.

The Senate bill included a roadmap to citizenship for the 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants already in the country. a concept that House Republicans have largely dismissed as "amnesty". The reality is that illegal immigrants have always had a roadmap or pathway to citizenship and it is not "amnesty". Even though illegal, individuals who are in the U.S. have always been able to follow the rules in order to comply with the law and become lawful permanent residents and, eventually, U.S. citizens. This is the way we do things in America. The House Republican "amnesty" position stands for the proposition that, once someone has broken the law, they must forever be punished for that transgration. This is not the way we should do things in America.

We at Miley & Brown, P.C. applaud any efforts by the House Republicans to engage in bi-partisan efforts to move immigration reform forward. Visit us at where you can contact one of our attorneys and contact Congress.

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