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Immigration Reform - Yes! Last night (November 20, 2014) President Obama went BIG and BOLD on immigration reform through executive or administrative action. This is extremely good news, extremely good for the immigrant community, AND extremely good for the country. The Republicans (who have refused to pass any immigration legislation) told Mr. Obama that, if he did this he would "poison the well" and make any immigration legislation virtually impossible. I take that to mean: "we were never going to pass immigration legislation. But, NOW we are REALLY not going to pass any immigration related laws."

Obama & Immigration - On the Edge of a Dilemma

Immigration? President Obama is on the edge of a dilemma. If Mr. Obama does nothing about immigration, he risks losing support among the already disgruntled Latino and immigration advocate communities. On the other hand, the Republican Party has made it abundantly clear that, if he takes any action on his own without the support of Congress, they will attack. It is not certain what form the attack make take. The Republicans (and the conservative media) have been talking about impeachment. Of course, the chances of such action being successful are ultimately zero. They have also been talking about bringing a lawsuit in Federal Court.

Immigration Reform and Republican Threats

Immigration reform and Republican threats are truly amazing! The word that comes to mind is "dishonest". It has been 1 ½ years since the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill (S744). The House of Representatives has spent the past year and a half dithering and saying that they think we do need immigration reform. However, through that time (when a majority of the House would have voted FOR an immigration bill) Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has catered to he extremists in the Republican party to block the bill from coming to a vote.

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