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Immigration Reform and Republican Threats

Immigration reform and Republican threats are truly amazing! The word that comes to mind is "dishonest". It has been 1 ½ years since the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill (S744). The House of Representatives has spent the past year and a half dithering and saying that they think we do need immigration reform. However, through that time (when a majority of the House would have voted FOR an immigration bill) Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has catered to he extremists in the Republican party to block the bill from coming to a vote.

NOW when President Obama has said he will take action through Executive Order, the Republicans have threatened him. According to Speaker Boehner, such action would "poison the well" and cause the House to be unwilling to pass immigration legislation.

Should the President call their bluff? Of course! Mr. Obama should issue an Executive Order to solve some of our worst immigration problems. Why? First, the House of Representatives has refused to pass any immigration legislation. Second, an Executive Order does not prohibit the House from passing legislation to fix our broken immigration system and, in effect, negate Mr. Obama's Executive Order. And, finally, it is simply the "right thing" to do. If the GOP is serious about immigration, they will step up and pass a bill.

We, at Miley & Brown, P.C., applaud any efforts by the House Republicans to engage in bi-partisan efforts to move immigration reform forward. You can help make this happen by visit us at where you can contact Congress to tell them you want immigration reform now.

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