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August 2015 Archives

Immigration Reform is DOA for Now

Hopes of immigration reform ran high in 2013. The Senate (with 14 Republicans) passed a reform bill. That effort died in the House because of opposition by extremist Republicans. Hopes of resurrection before 2017 have been dashed by rhetoric on the Republican campaign trail. I refuse to use "his" name. One candidate is calling for a 1,250 mile fence (paid for by Mexico). The same guy wants to deport 11,000,000 undocumented immigrants (and their citizen children), and brandishing the offensive (and ignorant) term "anchor babies", wants to trump (oops!) the 14th amendment. Wow! Other candidates (who should know better) are climbing aboard. I am worried about America.

With the advent of aircraft being able to drop bombs on enemy targets in World War

With the advent of aircraft being able to drop bombs on enemy targets in World War I, every country with a burgeoning fleet of bombers struggled with dropping bombs on target. By World War II, the combatants resorted to sending hundreds (and later in the war, thousands) of bomber aircraft over a target with the hope that a few bombs would score a lucky hit on the intended target. It was common for bombs to miss the intended target by miles! The problem was so pervasive, that British Bomber Command's strategy throughout the war was to simply target entire cities, the logic being that even bombs that miss by miles would surely still hit somewhere in the city. British Bomber Command measured its success essentially on how many German cities that it leveled. Such was British strategy that Bomber Command focused its efforts on nighttime bombing raids since the pilots and bombardiers didn't really need to see their target - the target city was below them somewhere, their exact position over the city was quite irrelevant.

Immigration Reform and the GOP Presidential Candidates

GOP Presidential Candidates have pushed Immigration Reform to the back burner in Congress. This has, in fact, been the case since the Senate passed S744 in July 2013. GOP rhetoric related to immigration and immigrants has become exceptionally heated. And (this should come as no surprise) much of the language used by GOP Presidential hopefuls is primarily ground on the politics of fear rather than empirical evidence and facts.

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