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So Much for Immigration Reform

So much for immigration reform. It has been nearly two years since the Obama administration began its aggressive strategy of rounding up and deporting immigrants deemed to be illegally present in the United States. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has reported a plan to begin an aggressive nationwide surge in these efforts over the next thirty days. This surge will focus on mothers and children who have already been told to leave the United States. The operation will also target minors who entered the country without a guardian and are now 18 years old. According to the Obama administration, this is consistent with their enforcement priorities, which include not just criminal aliens but also recent border crossers.

Immigration Reform and the GOP Presidential Candidates

GOP Presidential Candidates have pushed Immigration Reform to the back burner in Congress. This has, in fact, been the case since the Senate passed S744 in July 2013. GOP rhetoric related to immigration and immigrants has become exceptionally heated. And (this should come as no surprise) much of the language used by GOP Presidential hopefuls is primarily ground on the politics of fear rather than empirical evidence and facts.

Immigration Reform for Justice

The majority of Americans want immigration reform. Yesterday, as reported by Lee Davidson in the Salt Lake City Tribune, Leon Rodriguez, Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), spoke to a convention of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network at the Salt Lake City Sheraton Hotel. He said that the word "justice" is completely absent from our immigration and naturalization system. According to the Director, it is time to change that. Congress should act to make the immigration system more just. "Real justice will come when we have reform," Rodriguez said. According to him, the immigration system we have today an obsolete and archaic scheme that "does not reflect our economy, does not reflect our demographics, and--above all--our values." A scheme that routinely separates immediate families is not just and does not comport with American values.

Immigration Reform?

This is immigration reform? An unnecessary and potentially harmful bill introduced by Senator McCain (R-Utah) passed the Senate yesterday. This short but damaging bill is known as the "Arizona Borderlands Protection and Preservation Act" (S.750) defines "border security" to mean the continuous and integrated manned or unmanned, monitoring, sensing, or surveillance of 100 percent of Southern border" and "apprehension or turn back of all illegal entries". This bill has been opposed by AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) along with a broad coalition.

Immigration Reform

It has been a while since I have posted regarding immigration reform. However, I just couldn't resist. Despite the fact that the overwhelming number of Americans believe that major immigration reform is necessary, the conservatives continue to push an anti immigration agenda.

Immigration Reform

It has been a while since I have posted regarding immigration reform. However, I just couldn't resist. Despite the fact that the overwhelming number of Americans believe that major immigration reform is necessary, the conservatives continue to push an anti immigration agenda.

Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform - OK It has been a while since I have posted a BLOG. However, this is just too much. This week, the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives voted to block the Department of Homeland Security from moving forward on the Presidential executive initiatives that would help to protect millions of immigrants from being deported. There was the 2012 executive action that protects a million or so children who were brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents prior to their 16th birthday. They also voted to block the more recent executive action that would defer deportation for a slightly larger group of those same children plus many undocumented parents of U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident children. This is really about one of the three foundations upon which our immigration policy has been based for decades. The three pillars? Keep close family units together (the sanctity of the family), protect U.S. workers, and keep undesirables (criminals & terrorists) out of the U.S. he fear of deportation.


Immigration Reform - Yes! Last night (November 20, 2014) President Obama went BIG and BOLD on immigration reform through executive or administrative action. This is extremely good news, extremely good for the immigrant community, AND extremely good for the country. The Republicans (who have refused to pass any immigration legislation) told Mr. Obama that, if he did this he would "poison the well" and make any immigration legislation virtually impossible. I take that to mean: "we were never going to pass immigration legislation. But, NOW we are REALLY not going to pass any immigration related laws."

Immigration Reform - It's Time to Wake-Up!

Immigration Reform is more necessary today than ever. In a recent article by Kate Tummarello for The Hill, she revealed that tech companies are renewing their call for new immigration legislation. How? They are keeping track of all of the jobs for U.S. workers that are NOT being created because of our current failed system of immigration. Every day we lose jobs for U.S. workers that would have been created by high-skilled immigrants who could not obtain visas to come to the U.S. This fact has been documented repeatedly over the years. The net impact of high-skilled workers coming to the U.S. is the CREATION of jobs for U.S. workers. NOT the loss of jobs for U.S. workers.

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