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Comprehensive Immigration Reform During Congressional Recess

It appears that comprehensive immigration reform with a path toward legalization and eventual citizenship is still alive and well. This, despite the House of Representatives seeming unwillingness to take up comprehensive immigration reform. During the Congressional recess that will end on September 9th, more and more House Republicans are announcing their support for a comprehensive bill that would provide a road map toward legalization and eventual citizenship for the nearly 11 million aspiring Americans who currently do not have documents. This seems to be the result of the many town hall meetings where the issue of immigration has been a frequent topic. One stumbling block for the reform is confusion or misinformation regarding the concept of a road map to citizenship. This is not a "special" pathway being created especially for undocumented immigrants. Rather, eventual citizenship is the natural consequence that follows from finding a way for these 11 million people to become documented or "legalized". The piecemeal approach relied upon so far by the House of Representatives is a disastrous boondoggle. Comprehensive immigration reform is a much smarter approach to fixing out broken immigration system. And, there is very likely a sufficient bi-partisan majority in the House to pass a bill similar to that passed by the Senate if only the Speaker would allow such a bill to come to the floor for a vote. While Congress is in recess is an excellent time to contact your Congressional delegate to urge Speaker Boehner and other House leadership to schedule a vote on comprehensive immigration reform. You can contact your Congressional delegate by going to and selecting Contact Congress or you may contact one of our attorneys here at Miley & Brown, P.C..

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