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Preparing For The Naturalization Test

One of the last hurdles to overcome on the road to U.S. citizenship is the naturalization test. It is administered to test an applicant's ability to read, write and speak English. It also tests the applicant's knowledge of United States government and history. Careful preparation for this test is critical for success.

Are You Eligible For Citizenship?

Permanent residents can apply for naturalization after they have had their green cards for three to five years (depending on their specific circumstances). Other eligibility requirements need to be considered as well, so consulting an attorney who specializes in immigration law is recommended. Eligible permanent residents must submit an N-400, Application for Naturalization, which will need to be accompanied by a variety of documents.

Do You Need To Take The Naturalization Test?

Due to their age or mental condition, some applicants may not be required to go through all or part of the naturalization test.

Additionally, many people seeking citizenship are surprised to learn that they are already legal citizens, thanks to The Child Citizenship Act of 2000. People who are eligible under this act do not need to take the naturalization test or go through the naturalization process. Again, consulting with a competent immigration attorney is recommended if you think you may be a US citizen because of this law.

What You Need To Know To Pass The Naturalization Test

There are two parts of the naturalization test: the language test and the civics test. The USCIS website provides study guides for the test.

In the language test, applicants will be asked to read aloud a sentence in English. Plus, applicants will be asked to write a sentence in English. Applicants will be interviewed in English and the officer goes over the application, asking questions directly from the application, to test the applicant's ability to speak and understand English.

In the civics test, applicants will be asked questions about United States government and history.

Only Two Chances To Pass The Test

Preparing for the naturalization test is critical, because applicants are only given two chances to pass. Failing the test the first time will result in a short setback, while failing the second time will result in a denial of the naturalization application.

You have the right to enlist a lawyer to help you with your application and attend the interview with you. At Miley & Brown, we are committed to guiding you through this complex process. We will position you for success in the test. Whether you have not yet applied, you are preparing for the test for the first time or this is your second pass at the test, we encourage you to get in touch with our experienced and caring team. 

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