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Could DACA Stay? And At What Cost?

DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was a policy enacted by the Obama administration in 2012 that was intended to offer children who came to the U.S. illegally as minors and met the requirements of the program the opportunity to apply for a work permit and be granted a two year period of protection from deportation. After this period, recipients of the program, often referred to as Dreamers, would be allowed the opportunity to renew their status as long as they were still eligible.

The DACA policy was rescinded in September 2017 by the Trump Administration, although this was delayed until March 2018 while Congress determines the best way to handle the current recipients of the program. 

The Current State of DACA

Following a meeting with Republican leaders at Camp David last week, President Trump spoke about his current intentions regarding the controversial decision to end the DACA program. As reported by CNN, President Trump’s statement about his inclination toward reaching a permanent solution regarding those who are currently protected under the DACA program included stipulations about his continued push to change the immigration system, including stricter laws and increased border security. 

Funding In Flux For Tighter Immigration Security

Democrats have been resistant to the Trump Administration’s plans for tighter immigration laws and increased border security measures, which include the building of a border wall which was an element of his presidential campaign prior to election.

Now, the administration has requested the $33 billion that would cover the wall, as well as the added expense of further border security, in exchange for a possible solution to the current issues surrounding the DACA program. Democrats issued a statement responding to the request with derision, making mention of potential for a government shutdown and urging continuation of efforts to reach a bipartisan agreement.

Legal Options For Dreamers In Limbo

While the future remains uncertain for Dreamers, there may still be hope with the legal options currently available. Dreamers unsure of the road ahead may find the advice of an experienced immigration attorney to be very beneficial as they await the eventual determination of the future of DACA.

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